Google does hair cuts – Backlinks shave from google

Yes, fine.I like short hair.But some webmasters don´t even know it!So i got to explain, what Gshave is.

First i´ll never say, that i never did work with Blackhat methods, because even if i call all my pals and describe them my new community, they will all get curious about this.

If i try to put a comment/ Bio/ profile link into some ips/domains/topics , this will be the same method like my call.Why?Thats simple.You got nothing similar around you connecing your site with similar content.Even if you try to comment a blog in your niche, your growspeed will be tracked.Google is much faster than 3 years ago, so i´ll keep growing my site with the trends of my niche.

Try to connect knowledge and put it visible in your site/blog/community and you´ll get organic links autom. !So , keep your hair clean from all bad things and shave it by yourselve.This will help you, google and your users to find your content and ads!

If you know why google is shaving your site backlinks, you´ll know what you are really writing!Maybe google is also learning to speak and translate all the pieces of content and serve you in different laguages your content 😉 !

This post has nothing todo with M.Cutts hairshave! :-). His head has a good form.


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